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Most patients focus on their face but ignore what is below the jawline. Jowls and a saggy neck contribute to an aged appearance.

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The neck is an extension of our face and plays a significant role in our overall facial aesthetics. Similar to the face, aging of the neck becomes noticeable as skin loses elasticity appearing as excess neck skin. This is often accompanied by visible neck fat and banding of the neck muscles. The neck muscle here, called the platysma muscle, is tight and contoured in the youthful neck. Like skin, the platysma muscle loses its contour as we age and becomes lax.

Rejuvenating the neck can be done in several ways. During your consultation with Dr. Lee, you will discuss both non-surgical and surgical techniques available. While it would seem non-surgical modalities have less down-time or cost compared with surgical rejuvenation, this is not always the case. Surgery often delivers the more tailored, long term result. Dr. Lee feels strongly that patients should be educated on what options are available and the potential results associated with each option. When performing a neck lift, Dr. Lee’s priorities are to restore patients to a natural looking, rejuvenated appearance while making the scars as inconspicuous as possible.

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Length of Surgery

1-2 hours

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Adjunct Procedures

Rhinoplasty, Fat Grafting


1-2 weeks

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Dr. Lee’s knowledge and proficiency in all aspects of facial surgery place him among the elite in the specialty. His approach is a balance of time-tested traditional techniques and the latest advances in both non-surgical and surgical treatments. In terms of surgical intervention, there are several ways Dr. Lee can rejuvenate the neck. Some patients may be candidates for liposuction alone. In these cases, patients may have a double chin or excessive amount of neck fat, but their skin still maintains good elasticity.

Liposuction of the neck usually requires a very small incision through which Dr. Lee uses a series of specialized cannulas to separate and remove fat cells. If there is excess skin with poor elasticity, Dr. Lee removes this through small incisions. Like a facelift, an incision is made underneath the chin. This allows Dr. Lee to repair the loose muscles of the neck. In addition, an incision is made hidden in the shadows of the ear. Through these incisions the supportive structures of the neck are restored to the correct location and the extra skin is removed. The result is a much more contoured and aesthetically pleasing neck.


My face looks OK, but my neck really bothers me. Is there anything wrong with just getting a neck lift now and a facelift later?

Dr. Lee evaluates the face using a holistic approach from the top of the brow down to the bottom of the neck. This is because our face is viewed by others as a whole. The aging process isn’t just limited to one area but in fact has influence on all areas. This includes the brow, eyelids, face, and neck. A neck lift is specific to the neck and does not address other areas of the face. Dr. Lee takes the time to educate patients on exactly what changes will be made with a neck lift alone. You may indeed be a candidate for “just getting a neck lift” but isolated procedures sometimes magnify other areas that are not enhanced. That is a factor that must be weighed to manage expectations of the total outcome.

What are some non-surgical approaches for neck rejuvenation?

If the skin quality is good and the underlying muscle fascia is functional, then Botox can be used to protect and maintain the shape and relaxation of the platysma muscle. Non-surgical technologies and injectables designed to address a double chin may offer subtle smoothing and less downtime, but will not be as dramatic, precise or long lasting as surgery.

How long does a neck lift last?

You can expect your neck lift to last 10 to 15 years if you stay in good health. However, muscle structure and skin elasticity change as you age, therefore, opting for this procedure in your 40s will maintain the results much longer than if you are in your 60’s with looser muscles and sagging skin.

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