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I spend a great deal of time making sure that the brow changes I make are harmonious with the patient’s face and bone structure.

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A low brow can detract from an otherwise aesthetically pleasing face. With age the brow begins to descend. As the brow descends the eyebrows drop below their ideal location. For woman, the ideal location of the eyebrow is above the underlying bone of the orbit. For men, the level of the eyebrow should be at the level of the underlying bone.

The brow helps to frame the face and a low brow can “close off” the face. A low brow can potentially push the upper eyelid skin down over the lash line. In some cases, there may be extra upper eyelid skin present that needs to be treated along with a browlift. In other cases, a browlift alone may be sufficient to improve these signs and symptoms. Not only can a browlift open up the eye area but can have a dramatic influence on overall facial aesthetics. Repositioning the brow can improve the tired look that a low brow creates. Procedures such as eyelid lifts and facelifts often accompany the decision to have a brow lift. Determining the optimal treatment for each individual patient is part of the consultation with Dr. Lee.

There are multiple ways to perform a browlift. Through listening to each patient’s concerns and examining their anatomy, Dr. Lee can determine the best surgical approach to maintain a natural but rejuvenated brow.

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1-2 hours

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Adjunct Procedures

Eyelid Lift


1-2 weeks

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Dr. Lee’s knowledge and expertise in all aspects of facial rejuvenation place him among the elite in the specialty. His approach is a blend of time-tested traditional techniques and the latest advances in non-surgical and surgical treatments. Dr. Lee feels that patients must understand the benefits and trade-offs of each procedure. It is this discussion that helps determine the best treatment plan for the patient.

Some patients may only require a browlift while others may require a browlift with eyelid lift. Correcting the brow without considering the eyes may not create the desired result. When performing a browlift or other brow rejuvenating procedures, Dr. Lee places great emphasis on correcting the signs of aging while maintaining the essence of a patient’s natural beauty. The objective is to look better and refreshed while avoiding an overdone look.


Where are the incisions for a browlift? I heard there is a scar across the top of the head.

There are many types of browlifts, and I have done them all– it just depends on what a patient needs/wants.  A very heavy brow where a patient wants a high arched brow requires a hairline incision (if a normal or already long forehead) or a coronal (if a short forehead).  In a patient with minimal hair or men with baldness a direct or midforehead incision may be best.  Endoscopic lifts require 4-5 smaller incisions.  I most commonly do a short scar temporal lift to stabilize the brow and not make it appear “too high.”  In a minority of patients, I can do it through the blepharoplasty incision – but this is the least powerful lift.

Ultimately it depends on hairline, forehead, brow position, heaviness of brow and strength of facial muscles.

I’ve seen people who had cosmetic surgery and now their brows are so high, they look surprised. How do you avoid that?

Most modern browlifts are more intentionally conservative to avoid an obvious overdone look. Higher brows, hollow lids and ptosis are the hallmarks of an aggressive approach. I am careful not to overcorrect and determine which patients benefit from fat grafting to restore volume and repair any drooping that contributes to an aged versus refreshed look.

Are there other ways of lifting brows without surgery?

Both non-surgical and surgical procedures can be used to elevate the brow and create a natural aesthetic result. As with other operations in plastic surgery, understanding the patient’s lifestyle, budget, age, medical conditions, and tolerance for downtime are key factors in determining the best way to proceed with brow rejuvenation. A temporary lift of the brow can be achieved with neurotoxin. It requires a practitioner who is familiar with this technique. The result can be satisfying, albeit short lived (3 months) and should be considered for situations where only the most subtle correction is being sought, or the patient will be disappointed.

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