Liposuction, augmentations, lifts and tummy tucks truly refine a patient’s overall appearance. Done right, they sculpt, enhance, shape, tighten and define the patient’s natural curves for a more beautiful 360-degree silhouette.


Body Contouring


Sophisticated surgical judgment. Body contouring is among the most artistic of plastic surgery operations. Advances in both body contouring technology and technique have given patients a number of options to improve their shape, both surgical and non-surgical.


Exceptional training. Meticulous technique. Dr. Lee prefers S.A.F.E. Liposuction®–which he considers to be the new gold standard for body contouring and fat grafting. His experience has shown it allows for greater volumes of fat removal, preservation and better results. Trained by the author of this technique, Dr. Lee refers to it as the most significant advancement of modern-day body sculpting.


Consistently delivering superior outcomes. Dr. Lee’s goal is always to create an effective treatment plan that accomplishes the patient’s desires. Not every patient wants multiple procedures, and understandably so. Anytime Dr. Lee is performing excision of excess skin, such as with tummy tuck, scar location and aggressive post-surgical scar care are top priorities.


Conservative enhancement. Never obvious intervention. Dr. Lee believes proportion is one of the hallmarks of beauty and delivers on that promise. Performing advanced body contouring, from the removal of excess skin, to literally redefining a patient’s body to the size, shape, look, and feel the patient wants is key.

“Dr. Lee and his staff are amazing from start to finish. From the initial consult to post-surgery care, Dr. Lee is an exceptional physician and answers all questions and concerns with intelligence and experience.”

RealPatient Ratings

“Dr. Lee made me feel so comfortable through the entire process and was incredibly knowledgeable and confident on how to achieve the results that I wanted. His staff was very helpful and accommodating. And best of all, I’m absolutely thrilled with the outcome of the procedure.”

RealPatient Ratings

“Amazing experience. My results are completely natural and my only regret is not having done it sooner. Cannot recommend Dr. Lee enough.”

RealPatient Ratings

“Dr. Lee is an extraordinary Dr. I trust him completely and would only go to him. He is the best in Dallas! I would only recommend Dr. Lee. Highly talented and exceptional surgeon. The best of the best.”

RealPatient Ratings

“Dr. Lee and his staff are amazing! He is a true artist and the most caring physician who only wants the very best for his patients. He sincerely cares for each person and strives to do what is best for your body type. I would highly recommend Dr. Lee! He is the best! Dr. Lee has a vision for the best approach for each individual. I trusted his direction, and am so happy with my results. He has changed my life!!”

RealPatient Ratings

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