My goal in rhinoplasty is to create better balance between the nose and face. Nose reshaping is considered among the most challenging operations for plastic surgeons because both aesthetics and function are part of a successful outcome.


Nose Reshaping


Sophisticated surgical judgment. Whether the changes required are small or dramatic, the nose is a highly individualized feature and must be addressed in the context of other facial features to achieve optimal balance and harmony.


Exceptional training. Meticulous technique. Double board certified in both plastic surgery and otolaryngology– surgery of the head and neck, puts Dr. Lee in the elite of the specialty addressing the nuances and challenges inherent in performing rhinoplasty.


Consistently delivering superior outcomes. Surgery of the nose can make a significant impact on a patient’s life. To Dr. Lee, the changes he makes to the way a nose looks and/or functions depends upon the individual patient–it should look like the nose you were born to have.


Conservative enhancement. Never obvious intervention. Beautifully shaped, highly functional are the signatures of Dr. Lee’s rhinoplasty patients’ results. The nose should not call attention to itself but blend in with other facial features.


Nose Reshaping Procedures

“The staff was highly skilled, and incredibly kind! I felt like my time and money were respected, and my result is perfection. I’d never go anywhere else.”

RealPatient Ratings

“Everything was great! [Single best thing is…] When my cast was removed seeing my nose for the first time was one of the best moments in my life!!! I wish I would’ve done it sooner.”

RealPatient Ratings

“Very good patient communication and follow-through. Expectations managed well, very pleasant staff and office. I liked Dr. Lee’s interaction with me and his assessment of the issues and honest feed-back about what he could achieve. He was also very clear about my responsibility for care and healing following surgery. His follow-up is amazing and goes out for at least three months to continue to monitor settling and reduction of swelling and healing.”

RealPatient Ratings

“I would highly recommend Dr. Lee. He made me feel comfortable from the moment I stepped into his office. I wish I had gone to Dr. Lee years ago. He created a nose that was still my nose, but a refined, perfected version of it. Thrilled doesn’t even begin to describe how much I love it! He is truly an artist and I am infinitely grateful for the nose he sculpted on my face!”

RealPatient Ratings

“Dr. Lee did an amazing job on my rhinoplasty! He was patient and tentative during the consultation and continuously answered questions throughout the process. I appreciate Dr. Lee’s attention to detail and diligence to achieve amazing results. Thank you!”

RealPatient Ratings

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