Dr. Lee’s cosmetic surgery practice caters to patients from around the country. If you do not live in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, or just prefer to recover away from home, Park Cities Cosmetic Surgery can help arrange a comfortable stay for you.

Out of town patients often take time to enjoy Dallas’ world class cultural atmosphere, extraordinary shopping, and fine dining experiences either before or after their procedure.


For your convenience, we can assist in arrangement of a car service from the airport, hotel, or surgery location to keep logistics worry-free.


To optimize your nutritional well-being for operative healing, we offer patients complimentary consultations with Certified Health Coaches from The Institute for Integrative Nutrition.


If your procedure is scheduled at UT Southwestern you will be recovering in a beautifully appointed private suite where individualized round the clock care is provided by registered nurses familiar with Dr. Lee, the procedures he performs, and the post-surgical protocols and education he insists upon for every patient.


Park Cities Cosmetic Surgery has partnered with two icons in hospitality conveniently located near our office. Enjoy world class accommodations with special considerations when you book a room with either The Ritz Carlton or The Crescent Hotel.


Depending upon your specific surgical procedure, our office can facilitate scheduling a private duty nurse to attend to you during your recovery and stay in Dallas.

Frequently Asked Questions

What alternatives are there to an “in person” consultation?

Our staff is happy to arrange a confidential video conference or phone call with Dr. Lee and a staff member. This time with Dr. Lee can be quite beneficial in discussing your aesthetic goals and any questions you have about him or the procedure in general.

Can Dr. Lee tell if I am a good candidate without meeting me?

Because cosmetic surgery is highly customized to the individual there is no substitute for a formal, in person consultation and you should not accept anything less. Based upon the medical history information you provide along with your expectations, Dr. Lee can generally assess your candidacy, but a physical evaluation is imperative in finalizing a surgical plan. In fact, in some cases a physical will inspire alternative recommendations for an even better result.

Do I have to visit Dallas for a final consultation with you prior to surgery? What tests do I need to be cleared for surgery?

Yes, once there is mutual agreement on the surgical plan, you will have a pre-operative appointment for the consents to be signed, pre-operative photographs taken, and the final details of the surgery can be discussed. It is not necessary to come to Dallas for a second visit. However, if it makes you more comfortable, we are happy to see you again, answer any questions and provide clarification about your surgery.

All patients are required to complete standard blood work 3-4 weeks in advance of surgery. This can be done by your family doctor. Depending upon the procedure and your age you may also be asked to send our office a mammogram, chest x-ray or EKG. All of these tests help alert us to any underlying issues and provide for your safety. Some patients prefer to see us for a final consultation. While you are with us, we can arrange all the necessary tests for you in Dallas through partnerships we have with local practitioners.

Can I travel alone, or should I plan to bring a friend or spouse with me?

You can travel alone if necessary but most patients find it comforting to be accompanied by a close friend or spouse. In any case, we can make arrangements to have a nurse available to you and a car service to your hotel.

Is there anything I need to know about flying pre or post operatively? Driving? How long should I plan to stay in Dallas?

There are no restrictions, no flying or driving pre-operatively. It is best to arrive 48 hours prior to surgery to give yourself ample time to rest. Post-operatively, there are important considerations to keep in mind. They are very procedure dependent and Dr. Lee will discuss those in detail with you during consultation. You will want to stay 5-7 days in Dallas depending on the procedure performed. This allows time for suture removal and a post-operative visit prior to departure. For patients flying, medications can be given to counteract the swelling that might occur at higher altitudes. Driving is discouraged for at least 10 days for face, neck or eyelid surgery. This is not only due to medications you may be taking, but the short-term restricted range of movement that is required to optimize your result.

Who would be taking care of me the first few days after surgery?

If necessary or desired, we can arrange to have a nurse with you 24/7. Our nurses are familiar with the nuances of recovery from plastic surgery. Dr. Lee will see you several times during your early recovery and our staff will be in close contact with you to insure your comfort and safety.

Do I have to stay in the hotels you have chosen?

There are many hotels to choose from near our office and surgery center, so the decision is yours. Dr. Lee has negotiated special rates with The Crescent and The Ritz Carlton on your behalf. In addition to preferred rates, Dr. Lee has vetted both hotels and knows they are particularly qualified to respond to the needs and desires of cosmetic surgery patients. They understand Dr. Lee’s expectations that they be an extension of his high standard of care.

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