Breast Augmentation

The most aesthetic result is about customizing the procedure to your desired look and body type. Not just giving you bigger breasts.

The Procedure In


If you want to increase the size, fullness and shape of your breasts, an augmentation is the best choice. Choosing an implant is an important part of the process. Proper measurements and diagnoses are essential.

Dr. Lee’s recommendation will be predicated on your actual chest wall, the width of the breasts, the amount of existing breast tissue and the characteristics of that tissue. Not every size and shape can be accomplished for every breast. The point is– one size does not fit all.

When it comes to breast augmentation, shape is as equally important as size. Appropriate fullness is a component of the shape. During consultation Dr. Lee will explain the general rules regarding the volume of cc’s and how they relate to ultimate cup size for you. It is important to realize that breast augmentation has trade-offs. These trade-offs are influenced by the implants that you choose – size, shape, fill.

Patients interested in breast augmentation to restore the size, shape, position or volume of their pre-pregnancy breasts may need to consider a breast lift (mastopexy) to achieve the best result possible.

Surgical Notes



Length of Surgery

1 hour

Outpatient / Inpatient


Adjunct Procedures

Breast Lift, Liposuction


24 hours

Dr. Lee's Priorities &


The quantitative analysis done during consultation takes into account the key breast parameters for an optimal outcome. Although there are exceptions, Dr. Lee prefers the submuscular location for implants for a more natural appearance and lower rates of the capsule hardening (capsular contracture).

Precise pocket dissection along with meticulous scar closure lowers the risk of complications and minimizes obvious signs of surgery. Dr. Lee commonly uses a funnel to place the implant. This is a “touch free” technique known to decrease the rate of capsular contracture and other complications. Capsular contraction is breast firmness caused by scar tissue contracting around the implant and is minimized through the techniques Dr. Lee practices.


I want the same implant type and C-cup size as my friend. Should I bring her in?

It’s wonderful to have a friend with such a great result and understandable that you want to share her experience. However, your body may in fact dictate a completely different implant to get a similar result in terms of size, shape, and projection. The size of breast, or cup size you are expecting must be balanced with all the other variables associated with your body type and natural breasts. In addition, it is not wise for a surgeon to guarantee a certain cup size. Cup size varies even among brassiere manufacturers.

I have a workout routine. When can I get back to training?

It’s important to respect recovery time. You must be willing to strictly respect and agree to all post-operative guidelines, especially those regarding exercise routines, strength training and lifting. The post-operative instructions you receive are an important part of the process and instrumental in achieving a beautiful result and avoiding complications.

“How do I know if I need a lift?”

The majority of women who have had children or have experienced significant weight loss usually require a breast lift for the prettiest result. During pregnancy and nursing, the skin and tissue stretches out, but doesn’t necessarily rebound. Nipples descend and breast volume decreases. A lift essentially raises the nipple up and tightens the surrounding tissue. An implant will not lift a breast that has significant droop (ptosis.) Placing an implant in a breast that is droopy, with a nipple that is below the mammary fold will simply create a larger, droopy breast. Additionally, there is no such thing as a scarless lift, so it is important that tradeoffs are discussed and agreed upon. My years of experience doing breast lifts give me the confidence to offer a wide variety of lift options including those that use minimal scarring techniques. A breast lift with an implant creates a beautiful result because I can sculpt and shape the breast for an ideal outcome. It is a very artistic operation.

Can I choose using my own fat vs. implants?

Fat grafting has enjoyed quite a bit of popularity in recent years. We now have a better understanding of fat behavior and survival. However, it remains an adjunct procedure and is reserved for select cases. The reason? Fat grafting is simply less predictable in terms of results. Not all the fat placed survives, and the survival is often related to an individual’s breast characteristics. In patients seeking fat grafting to increase their breast size, a discussion during consultation on the tradeoffs is necessary.

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