From baby boomers to millennials, men today are just as interested in improving their health and transforming their physical appearance as women. Some men are motivated professionally to maintain their edge in the workplace. Others want to feel more comfortable socially. Exploring options in aesthetic surgery is not a subject many men are willing to discuss with one another. However, growing statistics speak for themselves.

The approach toward cosmetic enhancement for men is quite gender specific. Whether you are considering a subtle change of a more dramatic correction, Dr. Michael Lee can be your guide in navigating through the maze of procedures addressing men’s concerns. In the following interview you will find relevant information that answers some questions you may have been reluctant to ask.

“Men represent one of the fastest growing patient populations seeking aesthetic procedures. This increasing demand shows that more men than ever are interested in looking their best. They are realizing they don’t have to live with that turkey neck, crooked nose, love handles, or male breasts. My approach with men has always been to retain a masculine look by improving–not changing–who they are.” — Michael Lee, M.D.

Men’s Cosmetic Surgery Discussion

More than ever, men are pursuing plastic surgery. Independent of age is the desire to look and feel their best. Plastic surgery offers a number of solutions to problems that many men face. From the young adult male suffering with excessive breast tissue (gynecomastia) to the older male constantly frustrated with the excess skin of their eyelids or neck, Dr. Lee can help.

As men age they often become more distinguished in appearance. While frequently a desired look, there is a point at which the aging process detracts from their overall aesthetic. A Droopy brows or puffy eyelids are examples of when the aging process diminishes detracting from the overall facial appearance. Excess skin in the lower face and neck can blunt a once strong and well-defined jaw line. Men are also candidates for rhinoplasty. Whether it is an aesthetic or functional correction, rhinoplasty offers men the chance to make improvements to their nose.

Men of all ages may benefit from body contouring procedures such as liposuction and removal of excess skin. Areas commonly treated include the chest (gynecomastia) and trunk. Treatment of gynecomastia is extremely common in today’s world and associated with high satisfaction rates. The “love handles” or “spare tire” areas that most men struggle to keep away can be treated with liposuction as can areas of the arms and legs.

Patient Priorities

Male patients are strongly urged to consult with a board certified plastic surgeon. While both non-surgical and surgical options are available to treat many problems that men deal with, certification by the American Board of Plastic Surgery means that your surgeon can discuss all potential treatment options. Dr. Lee is board certified by both the American Board of Plastic Surgery and the American Board of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery.

Dr. Lee’s Priorities

Dr. Lee will listen to your concerns in detail and address each in terms of diagnosis and treatment options. It is Very important to most men for many men is to improve the areas of concern, yet but to avoid the signs of surgery. Dr. Lee understands this desire and is very meticulous about scar placement and after care.


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