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Casey Kalz

May 27, 2021

"I like to think I reflect Dr. Lee's confidence and level of meticulousness."

A graduate of the University of Louisiana at Monroe, Casey majored in healthcare management with a minor in business. An internship at a plastic surgery practice in Shreveport sealed her interest in the specialty. When Casey moved to Dallas, she was thrilled to accept the position as Dr. Lee’s executive assistant. “It allows me patient interaction, which I love, and the ability to use my administrative expertise to contribute to the practice.” Casey shadows Dr. Lee during consultations and follow up appointments and takes before and after photos. “I bring a level of comfort to the patient because I am beside them during their clinic experience.” She has since accepted the position of Practice Manager where she is responsible for Dr. Lee’s schedule, managing the staff and effectively running the administration of the practice. This includes working with insurance companies when applicable and managing the website along with Dr. Lee’s research projects and publications. Casey oversees policies and procedures of the practice to ensure a spirit of continuous improvement is evident. Casey calls her relationship with Dr. Lee “symbiotic.” “I’m an over achiever with a strong backbone and “can-do” personality. I like to think I reflect Dr. Lee’s confidence and level of meticulousness.” And how does Casey describe Dr. Lee? “I consider Dr. Lee a mentor. He’s a leader who cares about my growth and looks for ways to leverage my skills. I’m always treated with respect. I don’t know anyone who is a more genuine a person. He holds every staff member and patient so dear to his heart. Not many people get the opportunity to be valued like this.”

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