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Rebecca’s Mommy Makeover

November 28, 2016

“Now I have what I used to admire about others…a new sense of self-worth.”

Rebecca admits she never had a great deal of self-esteem. The confidence she sensed in others was something she couldn’t relate to even through her teens and 20’s. By her 30’s, Rebecca was a wife and mother. Over time, the scale began inching up. When it hit 200 Rebecca decided to do something about it. “I had a Dr. Pepper habit my whole life. I swapped the soda for water and began to make friends with a treadmill. Pretty soon I had lost over 30 pounds!”

While Rebecca was delighted with her weight loss and continued her diet and exercise program, she was disappointed with her overall appearance. “I was toned up but I couldn’t get the figure I wanted. All I saw were rolls.” That is when Rebecca decided to look for a plastic surgeon. “I thought a consultation would be a good idea to learn about options.”

Initially, Rebecca chose to consult with Dr. Lee during a Google search that indicated his office was close by. She had her husband accompany her. “I honestly didn’t know what Dr. Lee would recommend, but I was immediately comfortable with him. He was so professional and smart. I didn’t need a second opinion to make a decision.”

Rebecca had a mommy makeover which included a breast augmentation, tummy tuck and liposuction. Incredibly, at 47 year’s old, this was her first surgery. “During my recovery Dr. Lee had to remind me not to rush it and to take the time to heal, even though I wanted to bounce right back into my normal activities.”

Would she do it again? “In a heartbeat. I have never regretted it.” Rebecca says it made a big difference, in both how she looks and how she feels. “This was a humongous boost. It’s hard to describe. I have my figure back, changed my hairstyle, and enjoy buying clothes.” She claims people who knew her 5 years ago might not recognize her today. More importantly, Rebecca says she sees herself through a different lens–“…like what I used to admire about someone else…a new sense of worth.”

Probably the best testimonial is the fact that Rebecca introduced a friend looking for a transformation of her own to Dr. Lee. “We both agree he sets the bar high. He looks at everyone so individually and takes you into his heart and makes sure he understands your goals. You feel treated with respect.”

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