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Olivia’s Breast Augmentation

February 24, 2017

“…No one could see it, but it really bothered me. This was something I had to do for me and no one else…”

Olivia is a Physician Assistant and former Assistant Professor at one of the largest medical programs in the country. Today she is both an instructor and practitioner in aesthetic vascular and injectable medicine. You could say she is quite an educated consumer. “Having taught Evidence Based Medicine and working closely with patients on a daily basis, I am vigilant about my own choice in physicians and surgeons,” says Olivia. Over the years she has had several surgeries. None were elective. In her early 30’s she began to consider breast augmentation. “I always wanted to do it, but I was cautious and timid and didn’t want any complications.”

At 5’9″ and 140 lbs., Olivia describes herself as “athletic and toned” and wears a size 4. With a bra size of 36 A, she was small breasted for her frame, but also dealt with some minor congenital deformities. “My chest was concave leaving a gap in the center and my left nipple was inverted. No one could see it, but it really bothered me.”

As you might expect Olivia was meticulous about her research. “For 3 years I went all over town consulting with top specialists.” She decided on Dr. Fritz Barton, but then suspended her surgery. “I was going through a divorce at the time and decided to wait. It’s important to be in a strong emotional and mental state when you schedule cosmetic surgery.” Time went by and at 36 Olivia decided to resume her pursuit. In spite of her fiancé assuring her she was perfect “as is,” she persisted. “This was something I had to do for me and no one else.”

Returning to Dr. Barton Olivia learned he was semi-retired but recommended his associate, Dr. Michael Lee. She scheduled a consultation. Because of her background, Olivia has a solid grasp of anatomy and her first impression of Dr. Lee was his “…exceptional communication skills and superior technical knowledge.” “I instantly knew he was highly competent. He explained all the options of various implants and their inherent pros and cons. He told me why he prefers certain techniques over others. Above all, he emphasized his top priority was my safety.” Olivia was also impressed with the time Dr. Lee spent with her and how he actively listened. “I told Dr. Lee I wanted to look my natural best and that meant I didn’t want my breast augmentation obvious, even in a bathing suit. He understood. Others tried to talk me into a much bigger implant. Some of the surgeons I consulted with made me feel like a number. Dr. Lee made me feel like his only patient.”

Olivia had her surgery with Dr. Lee. After the first 72 hours she says she was quite mobile and then her recovery rapidly accelerated by the end of the first week. “Aside from the normal restrictions with breast surgery, I was back to normal.”

She feels good. “I fill out all my clothes so much better. Dr. Lee gave me exactly what I asked for. My breasts are perfect for my figure. No one but my close friends can even tell. It feels and looks so natural.” Her advice for others? “You only have one body so do your research. Put it in the hands of someone exceptional and passionate about what he or she does. As a clinician myself, I live by the Hippocratic Oath: First, do no harm. And that philosophy has to be backed up by great skill, compassion, knowledge and commitment. I’m convinced Dr. Lee knows everything there is to know about breast enhancement and how to give you the best outcome.”

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