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Mary’s Liposuction

November 28, 2016

“I decided it comes down to how I feel about my body, not how people see me.”

Celebrating a 50th birthday and three grown children, Mary decided to have liposuction done. Considering the latest statistics from the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery–she is in good company. Liposuction was ranked the number one cosmetic surgery procedure last year satisfying close to 400,000 patients. So, what makes Mary’s story unusual? She is 5’7″ tall, 118 pounds and a size 2.

“I’ve been very thin most of my life. My waist has always been tiny and flat. Over the last couple years, I’ve noticed a gradual thickening of my stomach and waist, to the point where I couldn’t tuck my blouse in my jeans without feeling a roll above the waistband.” Mary has always been active–playing tennis, running, weight training–working out in some way every day. “I try very hard to stay in shape and look good physically by watching what I eat and exercising. Those habits never changed, but my body did.” Mary admits some people would consider her crazy or vain for doing this procedure with a closet full of size 26 jeans and that’s why she hasn’t told anyone. “I decided it comes down to how I feel about my body, not how people see me.”

Dr. Lee was recommended to her by Dr. Fritz Barton, recently retired and considered one of the top plastic surgeons in the nation. “He told me Dr. Lee was extremely talented, so I scheduled a consultation.” Most women in their 50’s who have had three children are candidates for a tummy tuck with liposuction, but Mary didn’t have any loose skin, just small pockets of fat. Dr. Lee was confident she could achieve her goals with lipo alone. “It was a not a question of removing skin but more about restoring and sculpting my proportions.”

Mary admitted a consultation can be difficult especially if you are modest. “I really trusted Dr. Lee from the start. He seemed nice and very smart. I liked his low key approach and he made me feel comfortable and confident in him. He’s genuinely interested in what you want, but also takes time explaining what he can and cannot do, and why. His patient coordinator, Megan was fabulous too.”

Surgery was scheduled for October 2016, and even after 6 weeks, Mary sees a difference. “I like the results very much. Every day I see more improvement. I would definitely recommend Dr. Lee for this procedure. I have my normal body back.”

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