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Lindsay’s Breast Augmentation

July 31, 2017

“Dr. Lee’s questions were thoughtful. He wasn’t just looking for an answer, he was trying to understand the feelings that were behind my answer.”

Breast implants are actually quite strong. Statistically, the rupture rate of both saline and silicone implants is around 1% per year, which slightly increases over time. Unfortunately for Lindsay, a serious car accident ruptured her silicone implant, putting her in that 1%. In 2014, Lindsay chose Dr. Fritz Barton for a breast augmentation with silicone implants. Seventeen months later, the accident happened. “I was thankful I walked away without any critical injuries, but soon after I noticed a golf ball sized lump, so I knew the implant had probably ruptured.”

Lindsay visited Dr. Barton who explained he was retiring and recommended she schedule a consultation with his protégé, Dr. Lee. “I completely trust and respect Dr. Barton, so I made an appointment with Dr. Lee.”

Lindsay describes Dr. Lee as being “…patient, calm and knowledgeable.” The time he spent explaining her options put her at ease. While Dr. Lee answered all her questions, Lindsay was most impressed with the questions he asked of her. “His questions were thoughtful. He wasn’t just looking for an answer, he was trying to understand the feelings that were behind my answer. That approach helped me articulate what I really wanted in terms of priorities.”

Since this was a “do over” situation, Lindsay wanted smaller breasts placed a bit higher. “I was feeling a bit busty. I had a difficult time shopping for bras even at Victoria Secret.” Dr. Lee recommended a breast lift with a slightly larger implant. Although it sounds counterintuitive, he assured Lindsay that by removing excess skin and breast tissue the overall volume would be smaller.

In December of 2016 Lindsay had her surgery. She felt well prepared by both Dr. Lee and Megan Thoma, his patient coordinator. “The only surprise I had was my recovery wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought. There was less pain than I anticipated. Within 2 days of surgery I had to hold my Type A personality back to stay compliant with all the post-op instructions on minimal bending and lifting.”

In terms of final results, Lindsay says she is thrilled. “I love the way I feel inside. Dr. Lee is an implant artist. He looked at my body and knew what I needed. He heard me and interpreted what I wanted without me knowing how to express it.” At 5’8″ and 150 lbs. Lindsay is a D cup and doesn’t feel “top heavy” anymore. “I’m actually quite modest. Now I can be in a bathing suit and not feel self-conscious. No one can tell I had plastic surgery. I’m more proportionate and can walk into any bra store. I like how I look now more than ever before.”

For those considering a similar procedure, Lindsay advises to ask a lot of questions and be open to feedback. “Most importantly, go for the best board certified plastic surgeon like I did. Don’t go cheap on your results.” Lindsay refers to Dr. Lee as, “my plastic surgeon.” “I’m not a plastic surgery junkie, but I have insecurities just like everyone else. I won’t be OK with a steep decline in my appearance as I age, so when the time comes, I’ll be back in Texas seeing Dr. Lee.”

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