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Jasmine’s Rhinoplasty

September 27, 2017

My wedding day was coming up. I was looking forward to everything except the photos. Because of my profile, I dreaded those the most.

– Jasmin

Usually there is a specific “tipping point” that triggers the pursuit for a plastic surgeon. For Jasmin, there was never a time where she wasn’t self-conscious about her nose. “Even as a preteen, I was aware of comments behind my back about the hump on my nose. That continued through my teen years and young adulthood.” But Jasmin’s first priority was her education. “Getting through college and grad school required lots of time and financial commitment, so although I occasionally went on a search for surgeons over the years, I realized fixing my nose had to wait.”

Recently, Jasmin earned her Master’s Degree in Neuroscience. Her hope is to someday work in research to benefit those with brain injuries. “After graduation, I decided it was time to reward myself, so I started exploring my options for rhinoplasty.” No surprise–Jasmin did quite a bit of research. Although she lives in the Dallas area, she first reached out to family and friends in Los Angeles. “Now that I was ready, no one had anyone they liked enough to refer me.” She decided to devote a couple of weeks to examining websites and reviews. “Dr. Michael Lee not only had a well-designed website with lots of information on rhinoplasty, but his photo gallery demonstrated dramatic results.” She called and spoke to Dr. Lee’s patient coordinator, Megan, and booked a consultation.

Jasmin describes the practice as “…on top of every detail.” Dr. Lee, however, was not what she expected. “Despite his credentials, instead of being arrogant and cocky, he was comforting and confident. He instinctively knew what I wanted and I felt like a friend, not a number. He’s that authentic.” Dr. Lee showed Jasmin a “before” picture of a patient with a very similar profile to her own. “He didn’t talk down to me or just tell me what I wanted to hear. He actually admitted he wasn’t the least expensive surgeon but he also substantiated why he represented the best value.” Jasmin describes herself as one of the least impulsive people she knows, and yet she booked her surgery right after the consultation. “Part of the reason was Dr. Lee’s affiliation with UTSW and the fact that he is double board certified. That appealed to my background in academia. I knew I was in the right place.”

Because of the pre-surgery packet she received along with all the pre and post guidelines laid out, Jasmin said she never felt nervous. “I was totally prepared. Megan was a big part of that. Always attentive.”

Jasmin’s recovery was remarkably unremarkable. “Although Dr. Lee gave me a prescription if I needed it, I had virtually no pain and very little bruising, just normal swelling. The staff gave me a homeopathic remedy called Arnica that reduces bleeding and bruising. I hadn’t heard of it before.” Within two weeks Jasmin felt fine. “I actually loved my new nose from the day Dr. Lee took the cast off, one week post op.”

Jasmin reports she feels confident in her own skin for the first time. “I hardly wear any makeup at all and still feel beautiful. My wedding is in 6 months. I was dreading the photos more than anything. Now I can’t wait.” What about the fiancé? “We were watching TV the other night and I caught him looking at me. He said, “That nose really fits you.””

She cautions anyone considering rhinoplasty to be sure they are mentally ready and comfortable with the decision to change something in the center of their face. “It takes up to a year to have all the swelling resolve and reveal the final result. It’s a complex procedure and there is no such thing as perfection, but if you want the closest thing to it…see Dr. Lee.”

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