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Jane’s Breast Lift & Liposuction

April 27, 2017

“My bras resembled soup bowls and my waist was gone. I wanted my figure back.”

At 62, Jane was feeling the effects of menopause. “I looked in the mirror and all I saw were breasts and a thick waist. Nothing was working for me. None of my clothes fit…I felt frumpy and matronly.”The breast implants that made Jane feel great 10 years ago had lost their appeal. Jane typically wore dress size 6-8, but carried a 38DD on top. At one time she was “excited to get them”but now they just felt too big. “My bras resembled soup bowls and my waist was gone. I wanted my figure back.”

Two years ago Jane visited a plastic surgeon who immediately recommended a tummy tuck along with breast surgery and was clear that they would be two separate surgeries. “He seemed so casual about it and he scared me. A tummy tuck is major. I left feeling like just another patient to him.”That experience made Jane put her prospective surgery on hold, but it didn’t change how she felt about her appearance.

When Jane decided to look for another surgeon, she found all the websites started sounding the same. “They all say they are ‘the best’–it’s overwhelming.”A friend of a friend in the cosmetic surgery industry suggested she meet Dr. Lee. “Just go for a consultation,”she said. And she did. “Everything changed when I went to Dr. Lee. I knew he was going to be my surgeon from the moment I met him.”Jane describes Dr. Lee as professional, thoughtful and intense. “He studied me very carefully and told me I didn’t need a tummy tuck–he could accomplish my goals with SAFELipo® alone. He also said he could remove my implants and reshape my breasts with a breast lift–all in one surgery.”

When Jane told her husband, she encountered a bit of resistance. He thought she should continue her diet and exercise program. “I tried to explain to him that it wasn’t about size, it was about shape, but he didn’t understand.”So, Jane took her husband to the person who could explain it best–Dr. Lee. “My husband interviewed Dr. Lee for over an hour and came away quite impressed. That was important to me. You want your significant other to feel you are in good hands. I booked then and there.”

Jane could hardly wait for her surgery date in January 2017. She never felt nervous–just well prepared. “He has that personality that sets you at ease. His confidence gave me confidence. His staff is wonderful…a family feeling. They reflect his attention to detail in every way.”The day of surgery, Jane’s sister accompanied her. “My sister said the time he took to ‘mark’ me with his pens was like watching an artist with a canvas.”

Dr. Lee removed Jane’s implants and did a breast lift, reshaping the breasts and repositioning the nipples. He then did 360 degree liposuction on her trunk area. There were no surprises during recovery. After a few months, the compression garments were history and the scars began to fade. Jane exchanged her 38DD’s for a 38C. “I have a figure again.”

“I cannot believe how I look. Dr. Lee is an artist–but more importantly, he is a sweetheart. I went from being his patient to his cheerleader. I want the word out on him. He treats each case so personally. To anyone considering cosmetic surgery, I would say, don’t make a decision about your surgeon until you have a consultation with Dr. Lee. You won’t regret it.”

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