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Our Team

Our Team

Park Cities Cosmetic Surgery

When you choose a surgeon, your care is dependent not only on their experience and expertise, but also that of their staff. Your experience will be predicated on their ability to anticipate and respond to your needs. At Park Cities Cosmetic Surgery we want every patient to immediately sense they are in the right hands from the first consultation, to the last follow up visit. Dr. Lee has designed his practice to focus on your comfort, safety, and wellbeing. Every staff member is responsible for providing a positive, reassuring support system that helps you feel welcome and at ease. Their individual skills are exceptional and mirror Dr. Lee’s own high standards. Before, during and after your procedure, you can count on being “handled with care.”

Megan Thoma

Patient Coordinator / Office Manager

Pepper Toohey

Front Office Coordinator

Karen McCoy

Financial Accountant

Isabel Bolt


Casey Kalz

Executive Assistant


About Dr. Lee

Double Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon

Double board certified in both Plastic Surgery and Otolaryngology (head and neck surgery), Dr. Lee brings extraordinary skill and experience to every patient. Considered among the elite in plastic surgery by peers and patients alike, Dr. Lee delivers the highest level of precision. Attention to detail in aesthetic procedures of the face, breast, and body are paramount to creating a refined sense of balance and beauty. His roots in functional anatomy of the head and neck combined with the delicate, artistic nature of plastic surgery have earned him a reputation for providing beautiful, natural looking enhancements.

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