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Our Team

Park Cities Cosmetic Surgery

When you choose a surgeon, your care is dependent not only on their experience and expertise, but also that of their staff. Your experience will be predicated on their ability to anticipate and respond to your needs. At Park Cities Cosmetic Surgery, we want every patient to immediately sense they are in the right hands from the first consultation, to the last follow up visit. Dr. Lee has designed his practice to focus on your comfort, safety, and wellbeing. Every staff member is responsible for providing a positive, reassuring support system that helps you feel welcome and at ease. Their individual skills are exceptional and mirror Dr. Lee’s own high standards. Before, during and after your procedure, you can count on being “handled with care.”

“When we say “every detail matters” that philosophy extends to all who work for the practice. Everyone involved is an expert in their respective role and together they create a beautiful synergy that cannot be quantified—it has to be felt. Providing an exceptional environment requires that all members understand the importance of delivering top level care. What I do in surgery, I can control. Outside of surgery, it is up to my team, and I couldn’t be more fortunate. People naturally want to be around others who inspire them. I hope they all know they are a big part of what motivates me to be my best. “ –Michael Lee, M.D., F.A.C.S.

Megan Thoma

Patient Coordinator
Megan has been with Dr. Lee since the practice’s inception. Together they planned, designed and opened the office. As Patient Coordinator, Megan stays close to every patient throughout their journey. Megan’s philosophy as patient care coordinator is to treat the person first and foremost, and then the patient. “Most patients have been thinking about this for a long time. It can be a time of mixed emotions.” Megan’s role is to gather information, relieve any anxiety, explain the options Dr. Lee recommends and provide detailed follow through. “Having been a patient myself, I can relate to their concerns. I actively listen to what a patient is telling me, but also to what they might not say. Anticipating their needs and questions is part of ensuring they have an informed, enjoyable experience with us.” When patients are traveling from out of town to see Dr. Lee, Megan is a comforting touchpoint. “I’m here to smooth out all the details for patients who choose to leave the comfort of their hometown to visit with us.” Megan meets with each patient prior to and following every consultation. She guides them from their first inquiry to their last post-operative visit. The surgical planning and scheduling are also managed by Megan. She describes herself as complimenting Dr. Lee’s approach and his ability to maintain a close relationship with patients. “He is genuine, honest and a perfectionist. He is a brilliant surgeon, but he balances that intensity with tenderness. It’s rewarding to be the liaison between Dr. Lee and his patients.” Since people have such busy professional and personal lives, Megan strives to make every patient feel like they are the only patient. “This is the one time the focus can be on them and I want to get to know each patient well enough to make it a perfect experience for them. We consider it a privilege when someone puts their trust in us. I believe the level of attention we give each patient truly sets us apart.”

Casey Kalz

Practice Manager/Executive Assistant
A graduate of the University of Louisiana at Monroe, Casey majored in healthcare management with a minor in business. An internship at a plastic surgery practice in Shreveport sealed her interest in the specialty. When Casey moved to Dallas, she was thrilled to accept the position as Dr. Lee’s executive assistant. “It allows me patient interaction, which I love, and the ability to use my administrative expertise to contribute to the practice.” Casey shadows Dr. Lee during consultations and follow up appointments and takes before and after photos. “I bring a level of comfort to the patient because I am beside them during their clinic experience.” She has since accepted the position of Practice Manager where she is responsible for Dr. Lee’s schedule, managing the staff and effectively running the administration of the practice. This includes working with insurance companies when applicable and managing the website along with Dr. Lee’s research projects and publications. Casey oversees policies and procedures of the practice to ensure a spirit of continuous improvement is evident. Casey calls her relationship with Dr. Lee “symbiotic.” “I’m an over achiever with a strong backbone and “can-do” personality. I like to think I reflect Dr. Lee’s confidence and level of meticulousness.” And how does Casey describe Dr. Lee? “I consider Dr. Lee a mentor. He’s a leader who cares about my growth and looks for ways to leverage my skills. I’m always treated with respect. I don’t know anyone who is a more genuine a person. He holds every staff member and patient so dear to his heart. Not many people get the opportunity to be valued like this.”

Pepper Toohey

Front Office Coordinator
Pepper’s experience as a former flight attendant uniquely suits her role as “concierge” for Dr. Lee’s practice and she takes those duties to heart. “As soon as I met Dr. Lee and Megan, I was drawn to their spirit. The culture he has created is professional without sacrificing a personal touch.” Pepper welcomes patients, answers the phone, schedules consultations, is a liaison to anesthesia, and arranges follow up appointments. “Scheduling can be tricky because Dr. Lee is so busy, but I try hard to accommodate everyone.” She keeps the front office stocked with refreshments and arranges fresh flowers. “Honestly I feel like I am hosting a party—meeting and greeting. I’m very empathetic, so I am sensitive to the new patients that might be a bit nervous. It’s important that I make each patient immediately comfortable, and that comes naturally to me.” Pepper’s favorite part of her job is meeting people she has talked to on the phone, and then witnessing their journey, seeing their excitement along the way. Pepper describes Dr. Lee as “…laser focused on the smallest detail, both in and out of the operating room.” “Dr. Lee leaves nothing to chance and that brings out the best in all of us. I feel grateful to work with such a special surgeon and great staff in such a warm and caring atmosphere.”

Ashley Mitchell

Social Media Consultant
Photographer, blogger, visual merchandiser, stylist--Ashley is the talented professional behind Dr. Lee’s social media presence. Her role is to manage and create content for all social media accounts for Park Cities Cosmetic Surgery. “I’m constantly looking for creative ways to promote PCCS and tell Dr. Lee’s story through the use of photos and video. Dr. Lee is hyper-concerned with the finer details which is important when you are talking about someone’s image.” Because social media is a tangible, visual representation of his brand, Ashley is especially careful to avoid some of the pitfalls of a poorly conceived and/or executed program. “There is so much content floating around—especially in the arena of cosmetic surgery. There is something so unique about Dr. Lee. I want his audience to understand who he is as both a person and a surgeon. We are taking a modest, elegant approach to his social media presence because that is who he is. Patients are his priority—not the extreme Snapchat or Instagram sensationalism others might prefer.” As fellow artists, Ashley and Dr. Lee share a strong connection. She enjoys the creative license Dr. Lee gives her to think freely in creating ideas to post. “Life is art and it’s a joy giving Dr. Lee’s patients and prospective patients a peak into his art through my own.”

Isabel Bolt

Practice Consultant
For over 15 years Isabel has worked with Board Certified Plastic Surgeons around the country as a marketing consultant and writer. Her background includes working for Karen Zupko & Associates—a premier practice management firm for the specialty. It was KZA who recommended Isabel to Dr. Lee for the purpose of collaborating on his website. “Dr. Lee and I immediately clicked. The energy and thoughtfulness he put into the website content was foreshadowing for the way he manages his practice. It was a pleasure to be his copilot on that endeavor.” She continues to work with the practice interviewing patients for patient stories and writing blogs with Dr. Lee. Isabel’s philosophy is that the cornerstone of any exceptional cosmetic surgery practice lies in paying close attention to every touchpoint of a patient’s experience. “Dr. Lee personifies the spirit of continuous improvement. He understands that practices are built on referrals from patients who felt their needs were anticipated and valued. He’s assembled a 5 star staff and is being candid when he promises every patient will be considered a “masterpiece.”” Dr. Lee continues to engage Isabel for her recommendations related to best practices with regard to his staff and patients.

Karen McCoy

Financial Consultant
As Dr. Lee’s CPA, Karen insures the practice is financially solid while keeping an eye on future growth. She sees to it that benchmarks are set and achieved from an operations standpoint. Karen helps guide Dr. Lee’s decisions as they relate to payroll, monthly reconciliations, taxes and investment decisions. Her background with a major public accounting firm and a worldwide nonprofit organization uniquely qualifies her to be Dr. Lee’s advisor and confidante. “I have been with Dr. Lee from the beginning… setting up the practice. It’s not something they teach in medical school. He is intent on building a strong foundation that he, his staff and his patients can depend upon. No short cuts and everything in its place—a reflection of his behavior in the operating room.” Karen credits the practice’s remarkable growth to Dr. Lee’s hard work, dedication and vision. “It’s satisfying to see a business grow from nothing to something very special. I’m happy to be part of those plans as they unfold in years to come and feel a deep sense of ownership in the practice’s success.”

About Dr. Lee

Double Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon

Double board certified in both Plastic Surgery and Otolaryngology (head and neck surgery), Dr. Lee brings extraordinary skill and experience to every patient. Considered among the elite in plastic surgery by peers and patients alike, Dr. Lee delivers the highest level of precision. Attention to detail in aesthetic procedures of the face, breast, and body are paramount to creating a refined sense of balance and beauty. His roots in functional anatomy of the head and neck combined with the delicate, artistic nature of plastic surgery have earned him a reputation for providing beautiful, natural looking enhancements.