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Traveling Patients

Traveling Patients

Places to Stay

If you don't live in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, or just prefer to recover away from home, Park Cities Cosmetic Surgery can help you with those arrangements. Dr. Lee's cosmetic surgery practice caters to patients from around the country. Out of town patients often take time to enjoy Dallas' world class cultural atmosphere, extraordinary shopping, and fine dining experiences either before or after their procedure.

Our patient coordinator, Megan Thoma will be happy to schedule a consultation time and/or upcoming surgery date that best fits your schedule. If you wish, she will assist you with the necessary plans and preparations to make your trip worry-free. Dr. Lee has made special considerations for his patients at two hotels—The Hotel Crescent Court and the Lumen—each unique yet accommodating. The choice is yours. Depending upon your specific surgical procedure, our office can also engage a private duty nurse to attend to you during the first few days of your recovery.

Travel Testimonial

Jo lives in the northeast where there are hundreds of plastic surgeons within driving distance. So, why would she travel over 1700 miles to see Dr. Lee? The short answer is revision rhinoplasty for her daughter. The long answer involves both mother and daughter in a tale of two noses.

Rhinoplasty is widely regarded as one of the most difficult surgeries to do well because it requires both functional and aesthetic expertise at the highest level. Some plastic surgeons will refer rhinoplasty to a peer who specializes in nose reshaping. Revision rhinoplasty is practiced by even fewer surgeons because of the veritable “pandora’s box” of correcting anatomy that has once been corrected.

A combination of bad luck and several accidents had Jo searching for a surgeon to do a 5th revision on her daughter’s nose. “I needed someone better than good. I needed a genius,” said Jo, who had done a tremendous amount of research. “Most surgeons would have said “no.”” Jo comes from a medical family—her brother is a plastic surgeon. He referred her to a practice who in turn put her in touch with Dr. Lee.

Jo and her daughter flew in to see Dr. Lee. “We came for his astounding talent, but the bonus was the gentleness, sensitivity, patience and care we experienced. My daughter was in trouble functionally and aesthetically, and her result was and is spectacular.” The staff handled many of the out of town logistics including where to stay and transportation. “They wanted to make certain everything was as comfortable as possible for us. The office staff is so wonderful. They all go above and beyond in every respect. Dr. Lee has brought people together who reflect him—talented, loving and genuine.”

Jo, who had rhinoplasty years earlier with a surgeon (now retired) began noticing aesthetic changes in her nose. “Because I was breathing fine, I was not considering a revision, but over time I began thinking about it.” At her daughter’s urging, Jo decided to consult with Dr. Lee. “Why would I go to anyone else?” As a matter of fact, Jo’s philosophy is that beauty is an “inside job.” “I’m a happy, grateful person who is not focused on my looks. However, it’s only because I know Dr. Lee that I felt confident and comfortable taking the step to fix what was bothering me. I’ve gone through decades of life with a nose that was less than ideal, and I feel so fortunate to have been in a position to benefit from Dr. Lee’s extraordinary talent.” As expected, Jo’s result was exceptional.

Jo’s advice to those who prefer to stay close to home for cosmetic surgery? “There is so much marketing and hype out there. How can you discern who is best? This is your body. Of course, it’s nice to be near the comfort of your own home, but any potential logistical inconvenience is nothing compared with the remarkable talent and grace you get with Dr. Lee. The whole experience, each time, far exceeded my expectations. There is no question Dr. Lee is “a doctor’s doctor.” I feel so lucky and blessed that he was referred to me and that he is my plastic surgeon.”


At Park Cities Cosmetic Surgery we are particularly sensitive to the needs of our out of town guests. Patients who decide to forgo the comforts and convenience of home in exchange for Dr. Lee’s expertise can expect to be treated with special care. Part of our commitment to traveling patients is anticipating and meeting their unique needs. Here are some of the most commonly asked questions we hear from our out of town patients and ways in which we address each situation.

  • What alternatives are there to an “in person” consultation?

    Our staff is happy to arrange a confidential video conference or phone call with Dr. Lee and a staff member. This time with Dr. Lee can be quite beneficial in discussing your aesthetic goals and any questions you have about him or the procedure in general. Dr. Lee will ask you about your medical history and expectations, then determine if you are a good candidate for the procedure and give you some general recommendations. The first step is to see if you feel we are a “good fit” for you. Telepresence is an excellent way to establish rapport and decide if you feel comfortable taking the next step to arrange a visit in person. We are always available to answer any additional questions you have by phone.

  • Can Dr. Lee tell if I am a good candidate without meeting me?

    Yes, he can determine candidacy depending upon your medical history and expectations. However, he cannot create and finalize a surgical plan without a formal consultation that includes a physical evaluation. Sometimes a physical will inspire alternative recommendations for an even better result. Cosmetic surgery is highly customized to the individual. There is no substitute for a formal, in person consultation and you should not accept anything less. Although there are a finite number of popular procedures, no two patients are alike—so no two surgeries are identical. You want the confidence that comes with spending time with your surgeon.

  • Do I have to visit Dallas for a final consultation with you prior to surgery? What tests do I need to be cleared for surgery?

    Yes, once there is mutual agreement on the surgical plan, you will have a pre-operative appointment for the consents to be signed, pre-operative photographs taken, and the final details of the surgery can be discussed. It is not necessary to come to Dallas for a second visit. However, if it makes you more comfortable, we are happy to see you again, answer any questions and provide clarification about your surgery.

    All patients are required to complete standard blood work 3-4 weeks in advance of surgery. This can be done by your family doctor. Depending upon the procedure and your age you may also be asked to send our office a mammogram, chest x-ray or EKG. All of these tests help alert us to any underlying issues and provide for your safety. Some patients prefer to see us for a final consultation. While you are with us, we can arrange all the necessary tests for you in Dallas through partnerships we have with local practitioners.

  • Can I travel alone, or should I plan to bring a friend or spouse with me?

    You can travel alone if necessary but most patients find it comforting to be accompanied by a close friend or spouse. In any case, we can make arrangements to have a nurse available to you and a car service to your hotel.

  • Under what circumstances would my surgery be cancelled?

    It is rare that surgery is cancelled after your arrival. All pre-operative testing is completed and approved several weeks in advance. Taking certain drugs or continued nicotine use may postpone surgery, so it is important to understand and follow all the guidelines included in your pre-op package. Should you arrive and decide you are not comfortable going forward with the surgery, we can cancel it, however there are financial repercussions since it is time, space and staff reserved for you.

  • Is there anything I need to know about flying pre or post operatively? Driving? How long should I plan to stay in Dallas?

    There are no restrictions, no flying or driving pre-operatively. It is best to arrive 48 hours prior to surgery to give yourself ample time to rest. Post-operatively, there are important considerations to keep in mind. They are very procedure dependent and Dr. Lee will discuss those in detail with you during consultation. You will want to stay 5-7 days in Dallas depending on the procedure performed. This allows time for suture removal and a post-operative visit prior to departure. For patients flying, medications can be given to counteract the swelling that might occur at higher altitudes. Driving is discouraged for at least 10 days for face, neck or eyelid surgery. This is not only due to medications you may be taking, but the short-term restricted range of movement that is required to optimize your result.

  • Who would be taking care of me the first few days after surgery?

    If necessary or desired, we can arrange to have a nurse with you 24/7. Our nurses are familiar with the nuances of recovery from plastic surgery. Dr. Lee will see you several times during your early recovery and our staff will be in close contact with you to insure your comfort and safety.

  • Do I have to stay in the hotels you have chosen?

    There are many hotels to choose from near our office and surgery center, so the decision is yours. Dr. Lee has negotiated special rates with The Crescent and The Lumen on your behalf. In addition to preferred rates, Dr. Lee has vetted both hotels and knows they are particularly qualified to respond to the needs and desires of cosmetic surgery patients. They understand Dr. Lee’s expectations that they be an extension of his high standard of care.

  • What if there are complications once I get home?

    We never anticipate there will be serious complications once Dr. Lee determines you can return home. Any time you have questions about your recovery or the healing process, Dr. Lee will be available by telepresence or phone. If a situation arises where Dr. Lee feels it is best you be seen by a doctor, he will arrange a visit with you and/or one of his board-certified colleagues near your home. You can be confident that whomever he chooses will be a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPA) or the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (ASAPS) and closely reflect his own training and experience

Hotel Crescent Court

Recover in Luxury

400 Crescent Court, Dallas, Texas 75201

This Uptown hotel represents one of the finest hotels in the Dallas area. The unique fusion of sophistication and heritage creates an experience that is quintessentially Texan and uniquely theirs. Luxury hotel accommodations range from single rooms to lavish two-story suites with private kitchens. It is a landmark hotel—one of a kind—located within a complex of amenities. Located less than 5 miles from downtown Dallas, it is situated in the heart of the city within easy walking distance of many attractions and convenient to local airports and highways.

Lead Concierge, Lauren Eckert describes the amenities and levels of service patients appreciate during their stay…

“Cosmetic surgery patients have special needs and we are quite accustomed to accommodating them as our guests. We hold patient confidentiality in the highest regard and respect the emphasis on privacy. We can arrange VIP transportation to and from the airport, surgery center and Dr. Lee’s office. There is also a courtesy car service offered within a five-mile radius. Our staff is trained in recognizing the importance of catering to both the patient and their family member or caregiver. The amenities within a short distance of our hotel include Whole Foods, coffee bars, and restaurants for every taste and diet. The service standards here are top notch. Our job is to amplify the luxury experience of southern hospitality.”

Whether you are interested in shopping, dining, culture, performing arts or fitness, Hotel Crescent Court offers guests the comfort and convenience of a Dallas day spa, fitness center and pool as well as easy proximity to parks, upscale shops, restaurants, museums, and theatres.

Hotel Lumen

Enjoy a more Contemporary Vibe

6101 Hillcrest Avenue, Dallas, TX 75205

The Lumen is a boutique mid-century hotel with contemporary style and vibrant energy. Located in the heart of University Park, it is just steps away from Southern Methodist University (SMU) and a short drive to all connective highways. The Lumen is perfectly situated near neighborhood restaurants and shops, and only a few minutes away from the Dallas Arts District, as well as downtown Dallas. Suites and guestrooms offer a casual, yet high design style with Italian linens and pillow top beds. Pets are welcome. Smoking is not. Car service is available, and every effort is made to be sure your stay is comfortable, customized and affordable.